Who are Advantis?

We’re a debt collection agency working on behalf of some of the UK’s biggest blue-chip companies & public-sector bodies. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and are members of the Credit Services Association (CSA), so you can be confident that we will always act in a professional & compliant manner. Our Collections Agents are debt specialists, and will work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your needs. We’ll be flexible to your circumstances and adapt our approach to suit your situation.

Why have I been contacted by Advantis?

You will have received a letter or a phone call from us because one of your creditors has passed your account to us. They will have done this because they believe you owe them money. As debt collection specialists, our role is to work with you in order to find the best solution for your circumstances in order to resolve the account.

Why do you ask me to confirm my address & date of birth details when I call you?

We take the protection of customer data very seriously, and so before we give out any sensitive information or personal details, we want to make sure that we are speaking to the correct individual. In order to do this, we’ll ask you a couple of security questions such as your name, address and date of birth or telephone number, so we can be confident that you are the customer we need to speak to.

How do I know my card details are secure if I make a payment?

We take customer security extremely seriously, and are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The standard has 12 high level requirements to ensure that card data is protected. This means you can be confident that Advantis are processing your card details in a compliant, secure & responsible way.

Is it possible to arrange a payment plan with Advantis?

If you can’t afford to pay the whole amount in one go, we’ll help you to set up a payment arrangement that suits your circumstances, is sustainable and affordable. You can do this via our self service portal or you can call us on 01782 401100 where one of our trained advisors will be happy to help. In order to ensure that any arrangement set up meets your circumstances, it would be helpful if you have an idea of your household income and expenditure to hand when you call.

What happens if I ignore the reminder letters?

There are always solutions to your problems and this is never the right course of action. If you ignore the reminder letters then it opens the door for your creditor to take further action, which may include legal action. If this is a route they take, it could result in further costs being added to the amount you already owe.

What do I do if I think this debt has already been paid?

The best thing is to get in touch with us. We will ask you some questions to gain an understanding of why the outstanding is not due and, if needed, we will investigate on your behalf with our client. In most cases we will need a few details to aid us in looking into the matter (for example, if you believe the account has already been paid, when was it paid, how was it paid and to who?) so it would help us to resolve the situation quickly if you could provide as much information as possible when contacting us.

I have received a letter from Advantis, but the named person does not live at this address any longer. What should I do?

If we are trying to contact someone who does not live at the address we hold, please let us know by emailing admin@advantiscredit.co.uk or calling us on 01782 401100. When our clients send us customer accounts they include contact details. We will verify this information with credit reference agencies to make sure we hold the most up-to-date details. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, this information can be out of date which may be why you have received contact from us. Please be assured that this contact will have absolutely no impact on your address or credit file. Once we have been informed that we hold the incorrect information, we will update this on our systems so you receive no further contact from us.

I can’t afford to pay anything at the moment – what do I do?

The best thing to do is to call us so we understand your circumstances and can explain these to our client. We’ll offer you support and our team will be able to answer any questions you might have about your account. We’ll never ask you to pay anything you can’t afford. If you’re worried about your debts, there are several organisations that offer free confidential and impartial advice. 

Is my unpaid debt affecting my credit file?

Many of our clients update the credit reference agencies in regards to whether or not you are repaying your account. Non-payment can lower your credit score and make it less likely that you can successfully obtain credit (for example, this could include a mortgage, loan, credit card, mobile phone or insurance).
For more information about your credit file, including viewing the information on your file, you can contact one of the three main credit reference agencies; Call Credit, Equifax or Experian.

Can someone else manage my account/speak to you on my behalf?

Yes, we’re happy to liaise with anyone you choose to act on your behalf – we’ll just need your permission to share your information with them first, and details of what information you’re happy for us to share with them. We work with debt management companies, charities, money advice services and also partners, family and friends who are helping our customers with their finances.

I would like to give feedback on the service I received. How do I do this?

Advantis are committed to providing a friendly & professional service. If you would like to give us feedback, please complete our Feedback Form.

How do I make a complaint?

At Advantis we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for our customers. In the event that something has gone wrong and you are unhappy with the service you have received, you can contact us on 01782 401100 or email admin@advantiscredit.co.uk to tell us about your complaint. We will look into and resolve your concerns in line with our complaints process.