We work with HMRC to collect a variety of tax debts.

You can confirm our authority to act by visiting the HMRC website:

General Queries

I paid my tax, why do I have a debt?

This could be due to a number of factors. The amount outstanding could be a surcharge relating to late or non-return. The payment could also have been allocated to a different tax year if there was another outstanding amount. It could also be an estimate, penalty or surcharge if a return was not made. We would suggest that you contact us so that one of our trained advisors can investigate this for you.

Why is this the first time I’m hearing of this matter?

HMRC have sent three letters to the address registered with them prior to placing the account with Advantis. If you have not received these it is possible that you have not updated HMRC with your current address.

Please can I have a breakdown of what I owe?

We’re happy to help – please contact us on 01782 401100 and one of our trained advisors will be able to assist you with your query.

I’ve got a tax return due – I don’t need to pay this

The current balance could incur further interest and charges if it remains unpaid, which could lead to you owing more than expected. We would suggest contacting us on 01782 401100 to arrange repayment. If an adjustment is required following your next return then a rebate will be issued by HMRC.

My tax return was wrong

HMRC expect returns to be accurate and on time. Whilst the account is outstanding, HMRC may add further surcharges and interest for non/late-payment. It may therefore be in your best interest to contact us to arrange repayment. Once your next return is submitted a rebate can be calculated by HMRC if due.

My accountant is dealing with this – why do I have penalties

You are the individual responsible in law. Your accountant is not responsible for payment and any enforcement action will be taken against you if payment is not made, therefore we would strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to find the best solution for your circumstances. If you would like your accountant to contact us on your behalf, we will need either a copy of your 64-8 form or written authority from you authorising your accountant to deal with this matter for you.

I gave my accountant the money to pay this

Please contact us providing the details of the payment made to HMRC (date, amount, method of payment, funds cleared date etc.) so we can investigate this matter on your behalf.

My accountant has told me I don’t need to pay this yet

The HMRC process requires that when a balance is produced as an estimate, it is paid on time in line with the process. Non-payment will result in interest and penalties being added to the outstanding balance.

All payments have been made to HMRC

There could be a misallocation of funds and the outstanding amount could be for a different year. If you can contact us and provide us with information on the payment already made to HMRC we can investigate this on your behalf.

I don’t want to pay this as it is offset against a different head of duty

Please provide confirmation in writing from HMRC of the offset arrangement if it has yet to begin. We will then be able to look into this matter for you. If already offset, please provide full details to allow us to investigate.

I think I’m already in a payment plan for this with HMRC

This may be for a different tax year. Please contact us with all the relevant information regarding your payment plan so we can investigate and resolve this for you.


I’ve never been self-employed, why have I had this from HMRC?

The most common reason for a person being registered for self-assessment is that they are self-employed, however there can be many other reasons including:

  • You’re a company director
  • You’re a minister of faith (e.g priest)
  • Your annual income is £100,000 or more
  • You have income from savings, investment or property
  • You need to claim expenses or reliefs
  • You or your partner receive Child Benefit and your income is over £50,000
  • You get income from overseas
  • You have income from trusts, settlements and estates
  • You have Capital Gains Tax to pay (income from sale of asset)
  • You’ve lived or worked abroad or aren’t domiciled in the UK
  • You’re a trustee

If none of these reasons seem to fit with your circumstances then please contact us on 01782 401100 where one of our agents can investigate this on your behalf.

I’m no longer self employed

You will need to contact HMRC to de-register as self-employed. In the meantime the outstanding amount is due. We can provide you further information regarding the process to de-register. Please contact us on 01782 401100.

VAT/Corporation Tax

My company is dormant – I don’t owe this

If HMRC have not been informed that the company is dormant or were informed after the due date then the balance is still due. If you informed HMRC prior to the balance due date, please contact us with the relevant proof (e.g. proof of postage) so we may investigate on your behalf.


I don’t have any employees

HMRC require that submissions are completed regardless of number of employees.

I’ve ceased trading

You will need to contact HMRC to de-register. In the meantime the outstanding amount is due. We can provide you with further information regarding the process to de-register. Please contact us on 01782 401100.

Tax Credits

Why do I owe anything?

The overpayment is likely due to one of two reasons, either; 

i) The renewal was not submitted in time which meant that HMRC continued to pay Tax Credits at the previous rate until this was received and the renewal details meant a change in Tax Credit circumstances resulting in an overpayment
ii) Or; when renewal was received, a change in circumstances had taken place during the year that HMRC were not aware of, resulting in an overpayment.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your circumstances to assist you in resolving the matter.

The Tax Credits went into my partners account – why do I have to pay?

As the Tax Credit Claim was dual liability, both parties are liable for the repayment of monies owed. Please contact us and we will happy to discuss this further.

I’ve split up with my partner so I don’t think I should pay anything

As the Tax Credit claim was in joint names, both parties are liable. Please contact us so we can help you to resolve this matter and update HMRC’s records accordingly.