A key objective over the past few years for Advantis Credit has been to create a strong people culture. In May 2023 we conducted our very first employee engagement survey to ask for honest feedback, as we wanted to hear what our people think is working and what they believe we can do better.

We hired an independent third party called ‘Great Place to Work’ to conduct the survey.  They are the global authority on workplace culture and have been in the employee engagement business for 30 years, so a trusted partner to help us gain the valuable feedback.

The survey asked a series of questions relating to various aspects of working at Advantis, including how people are treated, the day-to-day management, our site and facilities, and our culture. All responses were completely private & confidential and over 90% of those invited to take part completed the survey, sharing over 260 comments!

Great Place To Work Certification Mark for May 2023 to May 2024

And we’re proud to share that our overall results gained us certification as a “Great place to work” helping us join the thousands of other worldwide organisations who are also committed to making great workplaces for their employees.

Here is some of the feedback from the survey –

“Everyone is friendly and welcoming”

“The managers care about what you have to say”

“The training and support are amazing, you always have the time to seek out help and ask questions, I’ve never worked anywhere like it before!”

The survey also gave us an insight into ideas and suggestions of further improvements we can make and over the upcoming months we’ll be –

  • Making even more improvements to our site facilities
  • Enhancing our benefits offering
  • Launching a staff forum
  • Delivering regular communications via townhalls

We’re looking forwards to putting these things into action and measuring our success along the way.

Julian our MD said: “The survey has been a huge success in helping understand what our people think and how they’re feeling and the results will help underpin our people plans and initiatives over the next several months.”