Why has the Official Receiver passed my Income Payments Agreement or Order to you?

The Official Receiver may pass an Income Payments Agreement or Order (IPO or IPA) to a debt collection agency such as Advantis to set-up and monitor payments and deal with on-going administration. They want to solve the problem amicably if at all possible. Once your IPA or IPO has been passed over to us, any payments must be made to Advantis.

What if I have difficulties in making payments or my income goes up?

If you find you are unable to pay the full monthly amount, then we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation. The amount you are required to pay has been assessed based on your present financial circumstances. Therefore, should your circumstances change in any way you must contact us immediately. It is important that the agreement is maintained to avoid action being taken against you. If you fail to make your agreed payments, then your employer may be contacted and asked to deduct those amounts from your wages. Alternatively, further Court action may be taken.

Why do I have to make payments after the end of my bankruptcy?

Payments under Income Payment Agreements are payable for the length of the agreement unless varied by The Official Receiver. You will therefore be required to continue to make payments even though you may be discharged from your bankruptcy earlier than this.