Customer Satisfaction Survey

Number of Responses
Customer feedback is a key part of ensuring we are consistently providing an appropriate and fair experience for customers. In the past 12 months, Advantis have received over 17,112 responses to our Customer Satisfaction Survey which is sent to all customers who contact us.

Overall Score
Our Customer Satisfaction Scoring allows customers to score their experience of dealing with us out of 10 (with 10 being outstanding) and provide any comments they’d like to share. Our average score for the past 12 months has been 9/10 which is a fantastic result which we are delighted with.

Additional Support
Customers advised that they did not require any additional support/information from Advantis, this is great news as this underlines our commitment to ensuring that our services are accessible for everyone, regardless of their current circumstances or needs. This feedback supports our commitment to applying the standards of BS 18447, the standard that supports vulnerable customers.

Here are some examples of feedback we have received from our customers regarding their experiences;

“10 out of 10 outstanding service, very helpful. I spoke to an agent called Jordan and he was very professional polite and helpful, and his service was excellent”

“The help and assistance to resolve my issue was second to none. I will happily give a rating of 10. Thank you.”

“It would have to be a 10 if I could score higher I would. I cannot believe how easy you made it for me to sort this out. Thank you”


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